Noshid CO began its journey back in 2013. In those times, we were a small-time Dates exporter with one goal in mind; to become the best version of our ideology. Today, we’re proud to announce that we’re close to that mindset.

Noshid’s main branch in Tehran is supervised and managed by “Morteza Sanago.” In his infinite wisdom, Morteza led the company to glory for a period of over 20 years. He summarizes work etiquette in a short but catchy phrase:

 “A good partner can reshape a man’s destiny.”

Our goal is not only to deliver excellent dates but to move to create an ever-lasting bond with our partners and share our thoughts and values with them. That being said, we have mustered all of our power to stay as the leading exporter through groundbreaking services to our  customers, services such as “container mix” and “personalized branding.”

Here’s a quick look into what we perceive at our brand’s leverages in comparison to others:

Container Mix

More often than not, food providers don’t consent to low-volume orders due to the financial unviability. Here at Noshid, we don’t budge to that idea. Noshid has the resources to pack and send low-quantity wide-variety orders in a single container. It enables Noshid customers to put in order of different Dates in a single shipment without having to worry about their request being rejected or overdue.

Private Labeling

We can give you the option to sell and tackle the market with your own personalized privately-labeled high-quality Dates. We have long entertained the thought and debated over it, and we’re proud to announce it has become a day-to-day routine at Noshid. We can provide you with your specified labeled Dates from the renowned Iranian dry-lands, which will help you conquer the market.

Unrivaled Prices

Our properly-equipped farmers/suppliers in the region, accompanied by a plethora of MT 15000 storage units across the country, empower us to cut down on cost and bring high-quality Dates to the markets with the lowest price.

International Distribution Channels

We have the connections and the means to ship our products overseas, to anywhere! So far, we have established straightforward, reliable, and strong international distribution channels with our counterparts in Europe and Asia, and we’re looking to expand on that idea with the rest of the world.

Product Diversity

Iran is a four-seasoned region with tenfold climatic sub-zones. This remarkable geographical blessing has gifted us and our farmer/suppliers with a wide variety of dried lands. We have invested in this and raised our product diversity in an effort to share our cross-flavored Dates with the world.