You can contact by email ( or WhatsApp number (+989036658204)

Depends on the variety and the time of placing order. For further details you can contact by email ( or WhatsApp number (+989036658204)

Depending on the variety between 12 to 18 months.

For dry Dates room temperature and for fresh Dates between 0~5 °C.

Mazafati 600gr: 3300 cartons (7kg), 24 MT (40ft Reefer)
Mazafati (Lose Packing): 4500 cartons (5kg), 22.5 MT (40ft Reefer)
Kali, Rabbi, Piarom: 4500 cartons (5kg), 22.5 MT (40ft Dry)
Shahani: 1250 cartons (18kg), 22.5 MT (20ft Dry)
Kabkab: 1900 cartons (12kg), 22.5 MT (20ft Dry)
Sayer, Zahidi: 2500 cartons (10kg), 22.5 MT (40ft Dry)
Date Syrup: 80 drums (220 liters), 17.6 MT (20ft Reefer)
Date Paste: 2500 cartons (10kg), 22.5 MT (40ft Dry/Reefer)

Dates can be pitted/chopped both by machine and hand but in our factories it is done by machine.

Depending on the variety from mid-August until the end of October.