Dates and Diabetes

dates and diabets

4 ways of consuming dates for diabetics?

In this article we are going to share some easy ways to help you enjoy eating dates and managing your blood sugar too. But first let’s see what Diabetes is.


Diabetes is a chronic condition associated with abnormally high levels of sugar (glucose) in the blood. “GI or Glycemic Index” is the relative ranking of carbohydrate in foods and a way of measuring the effect of carbs on your blood sugar levels.

It’s measured on a scale of 0 to 100, with pure glucose (sugar) assigned as 100. It is the highest your blood sugar can spike after eating a food.

Low GI carbs have a GI of 55 or lower. Those with a high GI are ranked at 70 or above. Medium GI carbs sit right in the middle with a GI of 56–69.

Dates and Diabetes: why are dates a concern?

When it comes to health matters, people seem to become more proactive than they used to be in the past. Since dates are among the world’s most delicious and healthy fruits they are becoming more and more popular.

But dates pack a lot of sweetness in a relatively small bite. They’re a natural source of fructose, the type of sugar found in fruit. Each dried, pitted date (about 24 grams) contains 67 calories and roughly 18 grams of carbs. Blood sugar levels can be challenging to manage among people with diabetes. People with the condition are typically advised to be conscious of their carb intake. However, when eaten in moderation, dates can be part of a healthy diet for diabetes.

What we recommend?

  • Eat 1 or 2 dates at a time as “a part” of your daily fruit intake and as a fruit meal separate from other fruit meals.(even fruits sugar can be harmful for diabetes when over used)
  • Choose the best type of date for diabetes (lowest sugar possible, like Zahidi dates. Zahidi dates is most recommended type among Iranian varieties for diabetes)
  • Eating them alongside a source of protein such as a handful of nuts. It allows its carbs to be digested a bit more slowly, further helping prevent blood sugar spikes.
  • Eat them with some cumin as it decreases blood sugar level.

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