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Khasouei dates are the smallest dates in the world. These dates have many good properties, but it is still unknown in most parts of the world. Join us to learn more about these dates and its characteristics in this article.

These dates are light brown in color in smaller sizes than the available dates with very small kernels in the market. This product is not very well known except in the cultivated areas; For this reason, many people confuse it with Lulu dates.

These dates have many great demand in the countries of the Persian Gulf and Europe, and with the appropriate advertisements and the special taste that we know of Khasouei dates, we can expect the growth of exports of this product. These dates are also the smallest dates in Iran and the world and the best type in the market is light brown in color, the flesh and skin of the date are stuck together. This product is classified as semi-wet dates.

The sugar of this delicious date is natural and does not cause any problems for diabetics. Semi-wet dates have less sugar than dried dates and it can be mentioned that the sugar in these dates is fructose which is used in body Metabolism.

The taste of this date is somewhat similar to Piarom date, one of the most expensive dates in the world; For this reason, in recent days, we have witnessed a significant increase in the consumption of these dates in Iran.

Due to the hot and dry climate of some provinces of Iran, we are witnessing the growth of this type of date in Iranian gardens.

Variety Khasouei
Origin Iran
Texture Soft and Chewy
Color Dark Brown to Black
Size Medium to Large
Taste Sweet and Caramel-like
Shelf Life 12-18 months
Harvest Season September to October
Nutritional Benefits Good source of Fiber, Potassium, and Antioxidants
Common Uses Snacking, Baking, Desserts
Packaging Options Bulk, Retail Packaging
Storage Store in a cool, dry place away from direct sunlight
Certifications Organic, Kosher, Halal
Allergen Information May contain pits

The growth place of Khasoei dates

Khasouei dates are one of the various products of Bushehr province. This date grows in the foothills; For this reason, they are mostly cultivated in the cities located in the foothills of the Zagros.

Dates cultivated in Jam and Hajiabad cities are one of the highest quality and most delicious dates in the world. One of the important points for better keeping of dates in storerooms is the harvest time.

Harvest time of Khasoei dates

Usually, with the beginning of the date harvest season in Bushehr, in the late summer, the harvest of Khasouei dates begins. Although it is classified as a semi-wet date, it is not difficult to store. To send the best product to the consumer, points such as the product being organic are important.

Organic Khasoei dates

If the product is processed organically, it can be said that in terms of nutritional value, it is more nutritious than dates that have been planted and harvested with chemicals. Dates that are inorganic are no different in appearance from organic dates, and the difference between the two products should only be determined through multiple tests.

Fortunately, Noshid group announce you, it is ready to receive orders for organic products. Noshid has the ability to provide a variety of products organically will all the necessary standards.

If you wish to learn more about this product or to talk to an expert, fill out the form above.

Packaging of Khasoei dates

Khasouei dates are delivered to the consumer in two types of packaging. These dates are supplied in 5 and 10 kg packages. Healthy delivery of the product to the customer is one of our duties in the Noshid group, so the Noshid quality group recommends that register your order in 5 kg packages for better product quality.

Noshid dates group always tries to offer products with the best quality and at the most appropriate prices and without intermediaries to serve our dear customers.

The price of Khasoei dates

Its size, color and the specificity of the product are the factors that determine the price of a Khasouei date. As you know, the price of products varies depending on the supply and demand, but we forecast the price between $ 1,500 to $ 2,000 per ton of a Khasouei date in 2020-2021.

In order to import this product, it is necessary to have information about the import code of the desired product and the list of required documents, which we will discuss below.


Import of Khasoei dates

The import code of Khasouei dates is Hs code 08041090. To import, you must first go to the customs of the country of import or check the list of required documents from your clearance and ask the supplier to provide you this list of documents, but generally for direct import from Iran, you need this list of documents.

Certificate of Origin
Phytosanitary Certificate
Commercial Invoice
Packing List

and these documents have nothing to do with the amount and volume of your order, it means that in all orders Low or high volume, these documents is required.

We hope that his article is useful for you and answered your questions. If you have any more specialized questions, we are always happy to answer them through the comments.

You can also get more information and order the product by filling out the private labeling form or by email and WhatsApp.

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