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Plucked out of the sun-scourged palm trees in the south, the Iranian Piarom/Maryami dates represent the best the country has to offer where there’s next to nothing to work with

The pure essence of Iran’s fertile Southlands and organic Date cultivation history blooms as the unique taste of the exotic Persian Piarom Date reaches your lips and bears witness as to why there’s little to no equals to be found anywhere else.

This dark-skinned fruit is unlike anything you might’ve tasted before. The rise in its popularity doesn’t seem to be stopping anytime soon as more and more consumers worldwide start to pick it up on their radars and give in to its heavenly taste.

Variety Piarom (Maryami)
Origin Iran
Texture Firm and Chewy
Color Dark Brown to Black
Size Medium to Large
Taste Rich, Sweet, and Nutty
Shelf Life 12-18 months
Harvest Season October to November
Nutritional Benefits Good source of Fiber, Potassium, Iron, and Antioxidants
Common Uses Snacking, Gourmet Cooking, Baking, Energy Bars
Packaging Options Bulk, Retail Packaging
Storage Store in a cool, dry place away from direct sunlight
Certifications Organic, Halal
Allergen Information May contain pits

Piarom (Maryami) Date Specifications

Piarom Dates stand tall on top of other Persian-made Dates in terms of quality and tastiness. Fallen under the Dried Dates category, the Piarom Date is the most tender, luxurious, and exquisite fruit the Iranian dry-lands have to offer.

The Piarom/Maryami Date shines with its distinguished black-brown hard exterior and its slender and lengthy posture, reflecting the heart and soul and the extended time invested in each one to pop.

The taste is super sweet, and it’s hard to separate the texture from the real meat. Most of the sweetness comes from the organic fructose substance immersed in the meat, and it’s a natural and healthy substitute for processed sugar and an advised medication for diabetes cases. Additionally, traces of protein blocks and other mineral substances have been picked up in the fruit’s structure, proving it to be an one-stop medicine bar.

Iranian Piarom (Maryami) Farming Sites

A considerable portion of the country’s Piarom production comes out of the southern regions victim to the semi-tropical climate.

The “Haji Abad” City, located in “Hormozgan” province and only 165 kilometers away from “Bandar Abbas,” is the birthing ground for the famous Iranian Dry Dates and Fruits. The arid weather combined with low humidity levels leads to the perfect circumstances for the Piarom/Maryami palm trees/seeds to grow and thrive.

harvest dates of Piarom Dates

Harvest Season

The harvesting parade is more for the heart than the eyes to witness as farmers take such personal care to climb the palms and cut down the stashes as if they’re saying goodbye to a piece of their hearts.

The first days that these farmers put on their equipment to conquer the Piarom/Maryami palms is something around late September by late December. Although it might sound like an extended period for such professional climbers, the reasons for lingering so long rest in their passion for the piles and the seed to grow fully. When a palm hits the critical mark, it takes the farmers a couple of short yet impressively agile bounces to get up to the stashes and send them falling into the bags.

Noshid’s Packaging Method

When it comes to packing the pricey Dates, each company has its own set of rules. Noshid’s standard packaging method, in an effort to safeguard date fruit quality and preserve them from any outside danger, the Piarom/Maryami dates are packed in five kilograms bags/packs..

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Piarom Dates Price (Maryami Dates)

Piarom (Maryami) dates are characterized by their high quality and tastines. This is why their price is higher than other varieties of dates supplied by Noshid Company. To understand the reasons for the higher cost of Piarom dates, we need to take a number of other factors into account, including:

Harvesting time:

When it comes to Piarom dates, there is a close relationship between proper harvesting, quality and price. To determine the perfect time for harvesting Piarom dates, we are dedicated to getting help from a team of experts at Noshid supplier and Exporter Dried Fruits and Nuts. Thanks to their knowledge, we can always make sure that our Piarom dates meet the highest standards of the dates’ market.

Storage condition:

For Piarom dates to stay fresh and tasty, an appropriate storing condition is necessary. By preparing exceptional storage facilities for our Piarom dates, we ensure to protect our products from disease or decay and increase their shelf life.

Worldwide Demand for the Dates:

Piarom dates have an increasing share of the market; therefore their price is many times higher than other varieties. With regard to the fact that the Piarom palm tree is low cropping, this product has remained unique and preserved its high price.

Private Labeling:

To increase your success in the dates’ market, you can order Noshid’s Piarom dates with your own brand and label. Although private labeling increases the price of Noshid’s final products, it helps our clients save a lot of money in terms of marketing.

piarom dates price

What Can You Mix it With?

If you’re an Iranian or a middle-eastern residence, chances are that you already know your way with such a precious delicacy; you already know that it’s hard to save a full-bowl of the Piarom dates from the prying hands of your family for any further use, like any incoming guests. On the other hand, more experienced traditional housewives bring a lot more to the table and mix the Persian Dates with different foods and snacks to broaden up the menu.

They take the slender fruit and mix it with milk-heavy yogurts for a healthy yet strong and energetic send-off in the early morning. Some even up the ante by pitting the dates, adding them to boiling eggs, and creating a not-so-beautiful yet mighty oatmeal breakfast for the family.

Sometimes, they will even mix it up with a bowl of raw protein-stacked local nuts that is ensured to be gone off the face of the table even quicker. We don’t recommend it too much since it will leave a pretty noticeable dent in your economic welfare!

Even if you suck at cooking and don’t know how to get creative with it, you can just use it as a sweet treat to your afternoon tea, coffee, or milk or just toss some in the yummy salad you have just ordered online. Trust us when we say it will bode exquisitely.

The dishes and snacks possibilities never end with these Dates. From an on-the-go snack for the youngsters to a super healthy and beloved treat for the elderly in dire need of high-volume nutrition entrees, the Persian Piarom/Maryami can shake your diet, your idea of snacks, and it’s the best-fitting replacement for the junky high-caliber snacks rolled out of factories.

Piarom Price and Exportation

Compared to its volumes in exportation, it’s safe to say that the Piarom/Maryami Dates’ domestic use is irrelevant, and most of the cultivated fruit goes straight into the boxes waiting to be shipped out.

However, being less common in the domestic markets doesn’t cover the backbreaking effort of producing such a globally-acknowledged Date. The cultivating period takes as long as a decade, with each palm’s average requiring eight to ten years to bear fruit. Even after being ready for harvest, the Piarom palm tree doesn’t offer too much in numbers, and it’s scarcely been recorded that a tree exceeds the 30 kilograms of a threshold. Furthermore, due to the harsh environment and difficult conditions, the less fruitful a tree is, the more nutritional value and mineral-stuffed the remaining dates will be, and so, the prices will be.

With so many efforts, time, manpower, energy, and stride put into the Maryami Dates, there’s no wonder why its price soars!

A single one-tone stash of the most excellent organic Piarom/Maryami costs about 3000 to 4000 dollars. This only includes the raw dark fruit in standard packaging and doesn’t involve extravagant and personalized rebranding or pouches.

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