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Date’s or “Phoenix Dactylifera” root entwines indistinguishably with Iran’s Achaemenid golden-age empire and the Persian culture; thousands of years old era of great promises. Iranians so passionately planted date trees and picked off the tasty fruits for themselves as part of their inspirational religious culture and day-today routine that even after millennia, it’s still hard engraved in their DNA to always keep a bowl of the most excellent of dates in their houses and offer them to whoever walks through their doors.

One thing is different, however.

The proud old Persians barely did in the golden old ages – which was exporting dates – has entirely changed now, and we witness a new economic approach to having such a potential blessing. In today’s Iran, dates play a significant role in the household’s basket and the country’s net export rates.

As one of the most trusted and ever-lasting names of the industry, Noshid’s (Mazafati) Dates productions have continuously pushed out the best-quality dates in an industrial manner for both domestic and international consumers.

Our Dates

Our dates – or as we occasionally like to call them Rutabs – come in a wide variety of shapes and styles. At Mazafati company(dates wholesale price), as a well-known top-grade provider of the industry, we roll out various dates.

The most favored ones for those who wish them not to leave the table area for long hours. Dry dates are the best options for those who want to keep them outside the fridge and don’t mind the extra toughness in the texture and the new taste.

We at Mazafati dates (Kimia dates) specialize in exporting this class of dates. How consumers use these dates (dates wholesale price) is entirely up to them and to the geographical locations. In some areas, they need more care; in other regions, you can leave them the bowl on the table without a care in the world.

  • Fresh Dates:

Stacked in lovingly bright yellow (almost hazel) hue, these fresh Mazafati dates smell earthy and of new cuts. Best to eat these little ones while they’re fresh and not keep them outside for long. However, a covered casing in the fridge can help you preserve the fresh taste and the natural beauty of these dates.

Our dates

Mazafati Dates Harvest & Storage

Our suppliers (with dates wholesale price) gather these hard-exterior dates from the heart of the land where the magic happens. Due to their high temperature and semi-tropical climate, the previously-believed to be baron lands of Bam, Jiroft, Narmashir, and Barwa (Barawat) have become the main harvesting ground for primary Mazafati cultivations, and a large section of our unprocessed fruits are supported and harvested from these regions, or villages close by.

Late summer (regional time) is when our suppliers get busy, and workers climb the trees to cut down the branches’ fresh dates stacks.

After the careful transport of freshly-picked stashes of dates into our main storage stations, they undergo a series of modern procedures in our advanced machinery for further use. Not a single one of the dates will be stored without proper care and administration.

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Mazafati Dates Properties

The name “Dates” in its vast forms and shapes can bring only but one characteristic to the mind: natural sugar. While on its own, natural sugar is the key to fighting severe and serious illnesses like diabetes, there’s a lot more to Mazafati dates.

This unique doctor-prescript elixir is a natural remedy full of potassium, iron, and other rich minerals, which puts it in high demand to fight illnesses across the boards, like osteoporosis.

Mazafati dates (Kimia dates), the terrific palm tree gifts, act as natural energy bombs, either on their own as a separate snack, as a side to a healthy meal that can carry you through the day, or mixed with something else like Yoghurt. They also significantly affect children’s growth and can be incorporated into their daily diet to keep them healthy, strong, and boost their immune system. They have also proved to be highly effective for pregnant women who spend countless hours and unending cash on a supplementary diet, whereas dates can make up a massive portion of their much-needed extra nutrition.

Mazafati Dates Specification

A fresh fruit with a rate of humidity between 20-25. The rate of humidity depends on harvest time, planting location and irrigation it has.

Farmers plant this kind of date mostly in the southern provinces of Iran such as Bam and around like Jiroft and other areas of the Kerman province.

Variety Mazafati (Bam)
Origin Iran
Texture Soft and Juicy
Color Dark Brown
Size Medium to Large
Taste Sweet, Caramel-like
Shelf Life 12 months
Harvest Season August to September
Nutritional Benefits High in Fiber, Potassium, Magnesium, and Antioxidants
Common Uses Snacking, Baking, Desserts, Smoothies
Packaging Options Bulk, Retail Packaging
Storage Store in a cool, dry place away from direct sunlight
Certifications Organic, Halal
Allergen Information May contain pits

Mazafati Dates Packaging

Mazafati dates are classified into two main classes: grade A and grade AA. We simply select the best of our semi-dry Mazafati dates to sell to our regional or international customers.

The grade AA dates are stacked in 400g, 500g, 600g, and 5kg pouches to meet consumer’s needs.

The grade A dates are packed in 500g and 5kg pouches as they seem to fit the market request.  

Packaging differs across the different brands and dates classes. We, at Mazafati Dates, provide this alternative for customers of different cultures and backgrounds.(dates wholesale price)

Mazafati Dates Price (Kimia/Khajoor Price)

Compared to other types of dates, Mazafati dates are produced, harvested, and packed differently. Numerous factors determine the quality and price of Mazafati dates, which will be explained below.

  • Harvesting methods

For estimating the quality and price of Mazafati dates, it is essential to take the harvesting and post-harvesting methods into consideration. Since this type of date has sensitive skin and a soft texture, we need to clean and sort them with great care. To make Noshid’s Mazafati dates enjoyable for our consumers, we try our best to protect these fruits from injuries and various kinds of contamination.

  • Storage Condition

Dates’ price and quality are highly dependent on their storage condition. For Mazafati dates’ to preserve their distinctive taste and texture, we need to store them in a chilled atmosphere. This will help us to deliver Noshid’s Mazafati dates with premium quality to our consumers.

  • Worldwide Demand for the Dates

Some types of Iranian dates have a larger number of consumers across the world. Because of its premium quality, Mazafati date is known as a top-grade date by many retailers, affecting its price.

  • Currency Rates in Iran

Fluctuations of Iranian currency against US Dollar also have a great influence on the price of Dates supplied by Noshid Company.

  • Private Labeling

At Noshid, we offer our clients the option for private labeling and branding. To meet your branding requirements, we can supply Mazafati dates under your company’s brand.

Mazfati Dates Price

Preservation of Mazafati Dates

The sometimes unbearable situations in which the perfect Mazafati seeds grow leaves the finishing stacks with a long natural life span, something obvious only by touching the fruits’ rough outer skin. This, in turn, dramatically benefits whoever doesn’t favor keeping them in cool temperatures like inside a fridge.

The Mazafati dates can withstand the room’s natural temperature for extended times, some types even lasting for over a year without the need for hand-made preservation.

You can get more information on how to keep your dates in “Our Dates” section.

Our Subsidiaries

It’s not the sun behind the clouds that a mighty name in Persian dates production and exports should be able to attend to the taste and style of its customers. For this reason, we have extended our vision into new brands such as KimiaSun, Heliya, Noshid, while prioritizing our standards.

Each of these brands represents a segment of our vision, effort, and story put into unique products meeting the market demand.

For example, our Noshid dates consist of two A & AA classes sorted in two physically different packages.

  • The grade AA dates are packed in 400g, 500g, 600g, and 5kg pouches. 
  • The grade A fruits are packed in only 500g and 5kg pouches.

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