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Medjool date is one of the large dates and is of Moroccan origin. This date also has under-cultivated reigns in Iran. Join us to learn more about this great and high quality date.

The big difference between this date and other dates is its large size, so that sometimes its size will reach to 7 cm. Another distinguishing feature of this date from other products is its hearty and unique taste. 

This product is found in 4 types in all over the world, which are known by the categories of Small, Medium, Large and Super Large. Each small date seed weighs between 12 and 15 grams. For medium-sized dates, the weight of each seed reaches 15 to 18 grams. At last, for large-sized Medjool dates, the weight of each seed is between 18 to 23 grams, and finally for super-large dates, the weight of each seed is between 23 to 29 grams.

This date, which is the most expensive date in the world, was imported to Iran about 15 years ago from Africa and Morocco and its cultivation started experimentally in Jahrom 10 years ago.

The United States and Israel are the largest producers of this product. Cultivation of this date in Iran and the world is growing significantly. Among the factors for the growth are its high export price, the large size of this date, its small size compared to the size of the date, its abundant and delicious flesh, its thin skin, and the harvest of this product in both wet and semi-dry forms.

This date is usually called Majhool date in Iran. The results of studies on this date show that the cultivation of Medjool dates in the Iranian climate has had a favorable result.

Variety Medjool
Origin Originally from Morocco, now grown in various regions
Texture Soft and Chewy
Color Dark Brown
Size Large to Extra Large
Taste Sweet and Caramel-like
Shelf Life 12-18 months
Harvest Season September to October
Nutritional Benefits High in Fiber, Potassium, Magnesium, and Antioxidants
Common Uses Snacking, Baking, Desserts, Smoothies
Packaging Options Bulk, Retail Packaging
Storage Store in a cool, dry place away from direct sunlight
Certifications Organic, Kosher, Halal
Allergen Information May contain pits

The growth place of Medjool dates

This date has been adapted to the climate of Bushehr and Fars province and we are growing the cultivation of these expensive export dates in these two. These dates are grown in various countries such as the United States, Israel, Iran, Saudi Arabia, South Africa, Jordan and Palestine.

Harvest time of this delicious product is one of the factors that have a direct impact on the quality of the product, and based on it, it can be decided how long the harvested dates will be stored.

Harvest time of Medjool dates

Harvest time in Medjool dates is also determined based on the texture and appearance of dates. Its appearance and texture can have a direct effect on factors such as date sugar and its moisture content. But if we want to say the average time for harvesting these dates, we can point to late summer.

Organic cultivation of this product is another determining factor in the quality of dates, which we will discuss below.

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Organic Medjool dates

Organically processed dates are fresher and more nutritious than chemically produced dates. In Iran, most gardeners grow their date crops organically because they believe this method has a lower price for the gardener.

A product that is organically processed from planting to harvesting assures the consumer that its quality and nutritional value is at its highest.

Fortunately, Noshid group announce you, it is ready to receive orders for organic products. Noshid has the ability to provide a variety of products organically will all the necessary standards.

Packaging of Medjool dates

Medjool dates are sold in different packages in the market, but our colleagues in the Noshid pack these dates in standard 1-kg and 5-kg boxes. Date packaging has a direct effect on the appearance and taste of dates.

If dates are produced in packages over 10 kg, it can damage the date and reduce its quality. Of course, in Medjool dates, it is recommended not to pack in 10-kg box, and if 5- kg packages are selected, use a divider in the carton.

The divider function in packaging is defined as dividing the cartoon into four parts so that excessive pressure is not applied to the product and the date reaches the consumer in the best possible way.


The price of Medjool dates

The size, the color of the appearance, the crushing and the mixing of the dates are the factors that determine its price. As you know, the price of products varies depending on the amount of supply and demand, but we forecast a price between 5,000 to $10,000 per ton of dates in 2020-2021.

Import of Medjool dates

The import code of Medjool dates is Hs code 08041090. To import, you must first go to the customs of the country of import or check the list of required documents from your clearance and ask the supplier to provide you this list of documents, but generally for direct import from Iran, you need this list of documents.

Certificate of Origin
Phytosanitary Certificate
Commercial Invoice
Packing List

and these documents have nothing to do with the amount and volume of your order, it means that in all orders Low or high volume, these documents is required.

We hope you enjoy reading this article. If you still have vague questions, Noshid group is always ready to answer you by expressing it in the comments. For more help and order registration, you can contact our partners by filling out the private labeling form or via email and WhatsApp.

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