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They have been called so many things in every corner of the world; in Iran, they’ve been dubbed the “smiling nuts,” while to the Chinese, they more resemble “happy nuts.” No matter where the Long pistachios fall down from the trees, they don’t act smug. They share the natural happiness with anyone who lets them out of their shells.

The most noticeable (best) Long pistachio is cultivated in mainland Iran, where the trees are high, and the soil is ready to bear. Iranian smiling nut surpasses all others in taste and quality and truly bring about a smile on anyone’s face who has a crack at these delicious fruits.

Variety Ahmad Aghaei
Size Medium to Large
Origin Iran
Texture Firm and crunchy
Shell Color Light beige to slightly pinkish
Kernel Color Light green to yellowish
Taste Sweet, nutty, and rich
Nutritional Benefits Excellent source of Protein, Fiber, Healthy Fats (Monounsaturated and Polyunsaturated), Potassium, and Antioxidants
Common Uses Snacking, Baking, Cooking, Garnishing, Desserts
Packaging Options Bulk, Retail Packaging
Storage Store in a cool, dry place away from direct sunlight
Certifications Organic, Kosher, Non-GMO (depending on the brand)
Allergen Information May contain traces of other tree nuts

Where the Story of Ahmad Aghaei (LONG Pistachio) Began!

The history of the earliest pistachio yields and the indigenous tree domestication passes well beyond a century, dating back to the earliest days of once advanced and world-leading civilization in Iran, some four thousand years ago.

In many regions country-wide, Iran’s oldest tribes and local inhabitants began to notice wild pistachios’ excellent taste and its value as a healthy tree-given snack. As a result, they did what every early civilization would do best when they domesticated it and brought it to their own farmlands. In each corner of the country, slowly but surely, pistachio trees rose up as civilizations began inventing new agricultural tools and saw the little white-shell-colored smiling nuts’ economic potential.

Today, the main hustle and bustle in the Iranian pistachio game happen in the incredibly fertile land of Rafsanjan, Kerman, where people have become accustomed to calling it “The land of the Green Oil.” The Rafsanjanians and Kermani people have shocked the world with their outstanding Ahmad Aghaei pieces and have brought fame and fortune to their lands and all of Iran. But what makes the Long pistachios so desirable?

Long Pistachio (Ahmad Aghaei) Characteristics

Long pistachio comes in the lightest crème-color hue out of all other pistachios in long shapes with beautifully greened kernels; however, some pieces look a bit different from others, but they all basically resemble the same physical characteristics.

As mentioned times overtimes, Long pistachio pieces outshine other competitions when it comes to taste and quality. They are MP3 soundtracks of health with their endless volumes of protein, fiber, healthy fat, antioxidants, and other various nutrients.

So, to put the Long piistachio characteristics into a list, we will have the following:

  • Long-shaped with the lightest shell color out of all other pistachios
  • Red-crusted Kernels
  • Regular size 26/28 to 28/30
  • Mega-resource of protein, fats, fiber, antioxidants
  • Raw pieces moisture around 7%
  • Stainless shells

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Long Pistachio (Ahmad Aghaei) Sizes

  • 18 to 20 Oz

This size of pistachio is the largest available size, ranging from 18 to 20 Oz.

  • 20 to 22 Oz

The size of this grade ranges from 20 to 22 Oz.

  • 22 to 24 Oz

This size of Long pistachio is 22 to 24 Oz.

  • 24 to 26 Oz

This size ranges from 24 to 26 Oz.

From In-door Bowls to Ice-cream Toppings

Iran’s Long pistachio, alongside its prestigious Super Long pistachio, form an alliance of elegance and luxury fruits dedicated to bringing forth the very excellency the country’s soil has to offer. Rarely comes the opportunity to spot a bowl filled with them in a regular Iranian household, especially in less economically fortunate communities. On the other hand, sumptuous and up-town meetings, gatherings, events, and even smaller indoor family reunions don’t mean a thing if there are no Long pistachios to go along with them. So, if money is no constraint of yours, lighten up your party and show your elegance with a bowl of the finest pistachios the Iranian rock-bed has to offer. Trust us when we say it will go a long way and shell the party to an overcharge.

The memorable taste of many Iranian sweets, cakes, and even some ice creams won’t reach total absolution if it weren’t for the country’s exquisite array of globally-known pistachios; yes, you heard it correctly. In particular, Long pistachios play a vital role in many traditional and even modern Iranian recipes, sometimes being the essence that holds the entire treat together while other times being the icing on the top.

Many might think that Iranians only use the Long pistachios in their in-door bowls or on icing/sweet topping and that it has no place in Iranian cooking. Well, that’s not the case, not even close! Pistachios have revolutionized the taste of the most popular food in Iran – aka boiled rice plates – to a degree where having a big pile of rice without sliced roasted pistachio arouses wild protests to its name. The sliced Long pistachios have become popular in Iranian cooking techniques as they present top-quality taste to the dishes and give it an exciting glamour. So, don’t be surprised the next time you hit your favorite Persian joint in the neighborhood and order a boiled-rice plate, it’s bound to have roasted little pieces of pistachios all over it.

Noshid’s Packaging Policy

As always, we put our customers’ needs on the front row and make it our top priority. To fulfill this responsibility and to ultimately preserve the quality of our Long pistachio exports, we put the little smiling guys into either 25 kilograms or 50 kilograms packages ready-to-be-sent. This simultaneously ensures economic sensibility for us and our receivers anywhere in the world while safeguarding the pieces from any mid-shipping hazardous effects.

Ahmad Aghaei (Long Pistachio) Quality Variations and Natural Resilience

When qualifying the smiling nuts, only one factor comes into play; the piece size. As we go up and down the size spectrum, the quality, and pricing method shifts, giving us more options to work with and our customers more categories to select from. At the time of this piece, Noshid offers its most giant Long pistachios in the size of 20 to 22 oz and the smallest ones somewhere between 26 to 28 oz.

In a nutshell, Long pistachios are not only and literally tough nuts to be cracked, but it also takes a long time for them to reach their natural expiration date. If kept away from direct sunray, these pistachios can keep their core quality and taste in over two years in a relatively cool and dry place. The natural resilience helps preserve these precious pieces without putting any extreme effort into it or investing a ton in containment costs.

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