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They smile, taste good, shine in color, and overall, feel awesome. What more could you possibly ask for? While no larger than other pistachios, round pistachios surpass typical hazelnuts in size but still are recognized as the relatively smaller ones of the family.

Despite the microscopic figures, the number of these infinitesimals pistachios in one-kilogram packaging hardly out scales any other type of pistachio nuts, rendering them incredibly economical and well-suited for exportation efforts. With that in mind, let’s dive into one of the world’s smallest pistachios, the Iranian Fandoghi pistachios from the heart of the “Sirjan” region in Kerman, or as we like to call them, the “Fandoghi Pistachio.”

Variety Fandoghi
Size Medium to Large
Origin Iran, Especially Kerman region
Texture Firm and crunchy
Shell Color Light beige to slightly pinkish
Kernel Color Light green to yellowish
Taste Sweet and nutty
Nutritional Benefits Excellent source of Protein, Fiber, Healthy Fats (Monounsaturated and Polyunsaturated), Potassium, and Antioxidants
Common Uses Snacking, Baking, Cooking, Garnishing, Desserts
Packaging Options Bulk, Retail Packaging
Storage Store in a cool, dry place away from direct sunlight
Certifications Organic, Kosher, Non-GMO (depending on the brand)
Allergen Information May contain traces of other tree nuts

Round Pistachio Specifications-Usage

Well, first things first, they can barely fit into larger hands with bigger fingers and, because of their enormously tiny size, can sometimes slip out of semi giant like gripping if one’s trying to crack open one of these bad boys. So, we advise total awareness when one’s submerging diving into a bowl of these little ones.

That being said, and in all seriousness, the Iranian round pistachio comes in extremely cheap and has tons of applications, cooking-wise. As a result of low prices, these pistachios are hugely consumed by food-serving kitchens, pastries, chefs, and whoever sees cooking more than just pouring stuff on top of each other in a boiling pan and more like art. To these people, Fandoghi pistachios are their get-go when they want to give their handiwork a glamorous and prestigious taste and look. Besides cooking, they are used in decorating cakes and sweets and a reliable substitute for candies and chocolate on top of such delicious wonders, which can, you know, toss us into a deadly whirlpool of gaining weight!

Keep in mind that this type of tiny pistachio doesn’t come in an abnormal exterior form and is reasonably rounded, at least in the first look. The shell hue resembles the creamy-white bone color with some variations to it – depending on the yield-grounds and the climatic circumstances of the regions they have been produced in – but it’s mostly distinguishable from other types of pistachios. However, the kernel’s happy and spotty purple color stands out as soon as the outer shell is popped open, which helps differentiate the Iranian round pistachio from others.

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Round Pistachio’s Nutritional Value

Not only are they the icing on the top and revolutionize the taste of everything they become part of, but round pistachio’s nutritional value is tenfold, particularly when you don’t crisp them to their core.

A bowl-filled with these small Fandoghi pistachios not only is the center focus of any party or house but also offers a massive protein punch to whoever lays hands on them. They are also rich natural resorts of fibers and healthy fats, which helps athletes, youngsters, and in some cases, patients with severe disease cases.

The score of healthy and positive perks don’t come to a halt here. For centuries, the effect of consuming pistachios as a natural medical treatment to Amenia or iron-deficiency in blood has been proven and tested upon; round pistachios generally aid in raising the patience iron-levels to a medically-approved point. They also boost up the consumer’s energy level, helping with their physical and mental status.

Pistachios are also prescribed for patients with high blood pressure or going through a difficult period trying to control their weight and even those at risk of heart attacks.

If you always feel helplessly unattended and out of focus, Fandoghi pistachios gift you back your focus and get you back on your feet. However, excess consumption is never an option, and we don’t recommend it.

Last but surely not least, studies have proven that constant medium-usage of pistachios (3.5 Oz or 100 grams per day) stimulates blood flow to various organs and parts, one of many being the reproductive system. Although the least of the troubles that round pistachios can help get rid of, yet, truth is not hidden that many experts consider pistachio nuts as one of the most effective natural aphrodisiacs with little to nothing side effects.

Round Pistachio Sizes

26-28 Oz

The largest of Fandoghi pistachios are for those who don’t wish them slipping out of their enormous hands and want to have a more pleasant time in opening them up.

28-30 Oz

30-32 Oz

32-34 Oz

These sizes don’t offer any advantage point in particular, and it falls under customer’s personal preference to pick one out. With that in mind, having a wide range of sizes is often underrated and least favored in such commodity’s exportation or usage.

34-36 Oz

The smallest of round pistachios, as you can compare yourself to other family members, most-properly fit exportation goals. A decent number of this category can be found in Noshid’s one-kilogram packaging.

The Exportation Procedure

At Noshid, the pistachios are processed to be naturally “smiling” or machine-based/mechanically become the smiling nuts. No matter your preferences, Noshid has the power to mass-export two types in any capacity you wish to order.

Compared to the company’s other pistachio production, Fandoghi pistachio shines with noticeably lower end-costs. Noshid Co. takes pride in having the means, the manpower, and the foundations for mass-producing the round pistachios and successfully personalizing the orders to meet its customer’s needs. Noshid offers one of the most excellent high-quality Fandoghi pistachio cut down from trees available across the country.

Storage Condition

It takes a long time and negligence for typical pistachios to reach their expiration and become non-edible.

Customers have the option to keep these pistachios at room temperature under reasonable conditions such as proper air ventilation and not under direct sunray.

However, In our professional opinion, it is better to keep them in the Refrigerator, which is cold (below 5 Centigrade) and dry with proper air ventilation.

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