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Medium in size, Badami is a premium quality pistachio with an exceptional taste. After “Akbari” and “Ahmad Aghaei,” Badami is the longest type of pistachio produced in Iran. Badami pistachio is characterized by its almond-like appearance, natural flavor, and affordable price.

In Iran, the optimal environment for growing Badami pistachio is the Feyzabad Mahwalat area located in Khorasan province. The region’s rich soils make the perfect condition for producing high-quality Badami pistachio. Due to its white shells, local people call it white pistachio.

Noshid’s Semi Long Pistachios come from farmers that meet the highest standards of the global market. Therefore, we have a specialty in growing, harvesting, packing and exporting semi-long pistachios with superior quality and the best taste in the region.

Semi Long Pistachio (Badami Pistachio)

Main features of Semi Long Pistachio

  • The highest quality at an affordable price
  • Cholesterol free, rich in fiber, and full of necessary antioxidants
  • Semi-open and ready for consumption
  • Semi-long with an almond shape

Semi Long Pistachio Sizes

Noshid’s Badami pistachios are available in a range of sizes including:

  • 26 to 28 Oz

This size of semi-long pistachio is the largest available size in Iran, ranging from 26 to 28 Oz.

  • 28 to 30 Oz

The size of this grade ranges from 28 to 30 Oz.

  • 30 to 32 Oz

This size of Badami pistachio is 30 to 32 Oz.

  • 32 to 34 Oz

This size ranges from 32 to 34 Oz.

  • 34 to 36 Oz

The smallest size of Badami pistachio ranges from 34 to 36 Oz.

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Production of Semi Long Pistachio

Iran is one of the largest semi-long pistachio producers, generally small pistachio with kernels similar to almond. Badami pistachios are a best-seller globally, mainly because of their remarkable taste and affordable price. Numerous Iran cities grow Badami pistachio, but the Feyzabad region is the only pistachio grower in the country that utilizes modern agricultural methods in pistachio farms. As a result, Badami pistachio trees in the Feyzabad region have a very high yield, competing with California Pistachio farms. In this region, local pistachio growers farm more than 25,000 hectares that deliver 50,000 tonnes of Badami (Semi-long) pistachios.

Badami pistachio is a highly sought-after Iranian pistachio type, as its price is exceptional without affecting the quality. Compared to other types of pistachios, Badami has smaller but tastier kernels.

The harvesting time for Badami pistachios is September and October, when the pistachio’s peel grows red. At this time of the year, the pistachio’s kernel reaches its largest size, forcing the shells to crack. These types of pistachios are semi-open and ready for consumption.

Processing and Packing Semi Long Pistachios

Before being packed, Badami pistachios are processed carefully. This allows us to maintain the highest quality of our pistachios. At Noshid, we use two processing methods to make pistachios ready for packing. In the natural processing method, pistachios’ shells naturally crack when they are still on the trees. For those pistachio nuts closed, we use mechanical processing methods to dry pistachios and open their shells after they are shaken from the trees.

To ensure our Badami (semi-long) pistachios’ safety, we pack them carefully in 25 and 50 kg packages, right after cleaning and drying them. Thanks to our processing and packing methods, our pistachios are delivered safely to customers and can be stored for 24 months in a cool and dry place.

Contact us if you need a particular type of packing for Badami pistachios.

Specifications of Semi Long Pistachio

Variety Badami (Almonds of Afghanistan)
Size Medium to Large
Origin Iran, Afghanistan
Texture Firm and crunchy
Shell Color Light beige to pale pinkish
Kernel Color Light green to yellowish
Taste Sweet and nutty
Nutritional Benefits Excellent source of Protein, Fiber, Healthy Fats (Monounsaturated and Polyunsaturated), Potassium, and Antioxidants
Common Uses Snacking, Baking, Cooking, Garnishing, Desserts
Packaging Options Bulk, Retail Packaging
Storage Store in a cool, dry place away from direct sunlight
Certifications Organic, Kosher, Non-GMO (depending on the brand)
Allergen Information May contain traces of other tree nuts

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