Piarom Dates: Everything You Need to Know (Maryami Dates)

Piarom Dates: Everything You Need to Know

Piarom Dates are a variety of Iranian Dates famous for their natural sweetness. Since these dates are dried, their sugar is concentrated, meaning they are sweeter than other types of dates.

In terms of appearance, Piarom dates have everything a high-quality date fruit must have: they are large, have dark brown skin, and their texture is soft and plump.

The origin of Piarom dates is Iran. These delicious dates are native to “Haji Abad” city, an optimal place for growing premium quality Piarom dates in Iran. This regions’ rich soils and cool breezes make the perfect condition for cultivating organic Piarom dates that compete in taste and quality with Medjool dates globally. This is why Iranian Piarom dates have massive popularity in the world’s market.

Piarom dates are also known as Maryami dates since the first supplier of these dates used the brand Maryami. There is a lot more to tell about Piarom dates. Continue reading to find out more about the origin, health benefits, and the price of Iranian Piarom Dates.

What are Piarom dates?

Among all kinds of Iranian dry fruits and nuts, Piarom date stands out for its unique taste and excellent quality. This highly desirable date fruit is grown in the mountains of “Haji Abad,” where traditional farmers cultivate palm trees in the foothills, next to permanent rivers that provide a sufficient amount of water to irrigate Piarom dates.

The special place of Piarom dates is rooted in Iranian farmers’ loyalty to traditional planting and harvesting methods. Thanks to these local practices, Iranian Piarom dates have the standard quality without any need for chemical fertilizers and pesticides, making them organic, healthy, and fresh.

To reach its potential yields, Iranian Piarom Dates (Maryami Dates) needs a lot of time. In some Haji Abad’s villages that have rich soils but cold weather, it takes more than ten years for a palm tree to yield. This is why Piarom (Maryami) dates from Haji Abad city have exceptional quality compared to other regions.

Due to their unique harvesting techniques, Piarom dates are supplied as Dried Dates . To maintain Piarom dates’ nutrients, Iranian dates’ suppliers dehydrate these organic fruits until their moisture level reaches 15%. As a dried date, Piarom (Maryami dates) is sweeter than other types of dates; however, what puts Piarom dates higher in demands is its low sugar content. Besides, Iranian Piarom dates are a rich source of fructose, a natural sugar that is healthier than other kinds of sugars. Therefore, Piarom dates make a healthier alternative to sugar.

Find out more about Piarom dates’ health benefits here (link to Piarom dates nutrients section).

The Origin of Piarom Dates

The major Piarom dates’ farms in Iran are located in Haji Abad city, a southern city with a warm and dry climate. At Haji Abad city, more than 7200 hectares are covered with Piarom dates trees. This city’s traditional farms are responsible for cultivating and harvesting more than ten thousands of Piarom dates each year.

With their premium quality, Haji Abads’ Piarom dates have an unparalleled place in the market. Thanks to lower consumption of chemical fertilizers in dates’ farms, the rich soils of Haji Abad maintained their quality over hundreds of years. Besides, with each hectare of farms containing less than 140 to 150 palm trees, farmers can protect Haji Abad’s soils from loss of nutrients necessary for cultivating Maryami dates.

Compared to other types of dates, Piarom requires high amounts of water. Among various cities in Iran, Haji Abad’s villages have sufficient water resources for cultivating Piarom dates. The result is that Piarom dates harvested in this region are characterized by their natural taste and intense flavor. Haji Abad’s Maryami dates have always won the competition against other suppliers in the world. Although Piarom date palm needs a lot of time to reach its potential yield, numerous farmers and Piarom dates suppliers find it a valuable product and work hard to produce premium quality Piarom dates.

The harvesting time for Iranian Piarom dates starts from December when dates fruits’ skin starts to become dark brown. At this time of the year, Maryami (Piarom) dates slowly lose their water and transform from “Rotab” (fresh dates) to dried dates.

Why Piarom Dates are Highly Sought After?

Iranian Piarom Dates are organic super-foods, the best option for those consumers who prefer dried dates. Find out more about various kinds of Iranian dried dates in our dried fruits magazine. These dates are large, plump and sweet like chocolate, making them a perfect snack on any occasion.

Piarom dates are also healthy fruits that can bring sweetness to your meal and boost your energy. Each Piarom date fruit contains 60 to 70 percent natural sugar and is filled with a wide range of minerals and vitamins necessary to the human body. Piarom dates have also healing power (link to nutrients section). As a rich source of fibre, these dried fruits can help consumers with digestion difficulties.

Another advantage of Piarom dates is their dryness. Since these dates are sold as dried fruits and have less than 15% moisture, they can be stored and consumed longer than Semi Dried Dates or fresh dates. The only thing you need to do is keeping Maryami dates in a sealed container to retain their moisture.

Piarom dates are also an optimal choice for dates’ suppliers and traders across the world. Although Iranian Piarom dates are hard to grow and expensive to buy, they are preferred to other types of dates. With their lower amount of moisture and higher amount of sugar, Piarom dates have a longer shelf-life than other kinds of dates. Iranian Piarom date is, therefore, a better choice when it comes to export and import.

In addition to their resistance to changes in temperature, Piarom dates can be washed and cleaned easily. Unlike other types of dates, Piarom’s skin sticks firmly to its flesh; therefore, the skin remains intact after washing, sorting, and packing. This help suppliers provide their customers with shiny dates without any dust or impurities.

Piarom Dates’ Nutrients and Health Benefits

Piarom dates are highly sought after in the world’s market, not only because of their remarkable taste but for their exceptional nutrient value.

Iranian Piarom dates are high in fibre and antioxidants, helping reduce the risks of numerous diseases. For instance, eating only one date can provide you with a large percentage of fibre (1.6 grams) and guarantee better digestive health. Piarom dates are also a rich source of antioxidants; therefore, they effectively protect the human body from inflammation and boost the immune system.

Compared to their counterparts, Piarom dates have more protein (approximately 0.8 grams in 100 grams) because they have less water. These dried fruits are also packed with essential minerals such as potassium and magnesium, which is why eating Piarom dates is associated with a lower risk of heart diseases.

Another factor that makes Piarom dates beneficial to health is that they are a significant source of vitamin A and K. Thus, eating Maryami Dates throughout the year will provide you with vitamins necessary for healthy skin and eyes.

Piarom dates are also powerful energy boosters. As they contain more fructose (natural sugar), they are a healthy substitute for refined sugar. This is why they are called “chocolate dates”. People who have diabetes can also add Piarom dates to their diet as a blood sugar regulator. Just like other dried fruits and nuts, Piarom dates are high in calories. Every 100 grams of Piarom dates contains 300 calories that come from 70% carbohydrates, 2.2% protein, and 0.6% fat.

Piarom Dates’ Price

Piarom dates are always offered at a higher price than other varieties of Dates. Due to the difficulty of their cultivation, the higher amount of water needed for irrigation, and the sensitivity of these dates to unexpected weather conditions, high-quality Piarom dates are raised in a small area of Iran. Besides, Piarom date palm needs a decade to yield, which is a reasonable amount of time compared to other types of dates. After starting to yield, each tree has a limited number of dates, making Piarom a unique product in the market.

Another factor that puts Piarom dates higher in terms of price is their popularity in the market. These delicious dates have preserved their place in the world market because of their similarity to Medjool dates. Just like Medjool, Piarom dates are dried, sweet, chewy, and plump.

There is also a close relationship between proper harvesting, quality and Piarom dates price. To determine the perfect time for harvesting Piarom dates, we are dedicated to getting help from a team of experts at Noshid. Thanks to their knowledge, we can always make sure that our Piarom dates meet the highest standards of the dates’ market.

At Noshid, Piarom dates’ quality is affected by their harvesting method, storage condition, and labeling. Noshid is a Piarom dates’ supplier that ensures a constant supply of Piarom dates from fertile farms of Haji Abad city. Noshid dates are recognizable for their tastiness, proper packaging, and affordable price.

Piarom Dates’ Wholesale Price

The higher costs of Piarom dates can be reduced if our clients decide to buy larger volumes. Piarom dates wholesale price is approximately 20% lower than the retail price. Therefore, we recommend wholesale to our clients.

To buy Piarom dates at wholesale price, you need to be careful about the quality. Some Piarom wholesale distributers offer low-quality dates at low prices. Unlike these traders, Noshid supplier is committed to carefully sorting and packing high-quality Piarom dates with wholesale price. As an exclusive supplier of dates in Iran, we offer our products at the best available price, without reducing their quality.

Noshid Supplier of Piarom Dates with the Best Price

Using the best farming practices, each Noshid’s Piarom dates tree can produce up to 40 kilograms of dates. Our trees enjoy the sweet waters of Haji Abad city and are exposed to 37 °C heat in summer. This is why we are capable of supplying the finest Piarom dates in Iran.

Noshid Dates are also harvested with great care. Thanks to our team of experts, we can determine the perfect time for harvesting Piarom dates, enabling us to meet the highest global standards for supplying Piarom dates.

We have also sorting and storing facilities in Haji Abad city, where we keep Piarom dates throughout the year. This allows Noshid to provide clients with the best available quality and price for Piarom dates.

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