Sayer Dates: A Significant Date from Iran

Sayer Dates: A Significant Date from Iran

With their premium quality, remarkable taste, and long shelf life, Sayer dates are among the most significant varieties of date fruits in the market. Sayer dates are often described as the sweetest kind of dates because they contain 75% sugar. These dates are often compared with Piarom dates, one of the most popular varieties of date fruits originally from Iran.

Sayer dates are grown exclusively in Khuzestan Province in Iran. The Shadegan city in this province has, in particular, hundreds of hectares of highly fertile farms, where more than 70 varieties of dates are harvested. Sayer dates are only one of them. Known locally as “Stamaran Dates”, these dates are large, soft and dry. Having less than 16% moisture, Sayer dates are semi dried dates and do not show any sign of contamination after two years.

In recent years, Iranian Sayer dates gained a special place in the global dates’ market. Continue reading to find out more about the origin, health benefits, and price of Iranian Sayer Dates.

What are Sayer Dates?

Sayer dates are one of the most commonly grown varieties of dates in Iran. If harvested, sorted, and stored properly, these dates can be an affordable substitute for Piarom dates. Since they are semi-dried dates, they can last for a long time without refrigeration. Alike Piarom dates, Sayer dates are another remarkable source of natural sugar. They are extremely sweet, containing approximately 75% sugar.

Compared to Piarom Dates , Sayer (Stamaran) dates are softer. They have 18% moisture (3% more than Piarom), thus, they can be easily consumed in confectionery and culinary industries. With their higher amount of sugar, Sayer dates are a perfect choice for making pastry, desserts, and ice cream.

In the world market, Sayer dates are featured for their light brown color. Having a crispy skin and soft caramelly flesh, Sayer dates taste like a luscious candy. Another advantage of Sayer dates is that they can be found in Iran’s market in pitted form. Many Sayer dates suppliers in Iran, provide their clients with both pitted and un-pitted form, to meet the demands of dates’ consumer in a better way.

With all these unique characteristics, Sayer dates have an unparalleled place in the global dates’ market. That’s over 65% of Iranian dates’ export belongs to Sayer dates.

Various Categories of Sayer Dates

To serve the various demands of Sayer dates’ consumers, Iranian Sayer dates’ suppliers pack and sell these remarkable dates in 5 different categories. Based on their size and quality, Stamaran dates are grades in ‘Super Select’, ‘Select’, ‘B-Grade’, ‘GAQ’, and ‘FAQ’. Stay with us to find out more details about each grade of Iranian Sayer dates.

Super Select: As the title shows, Sayer dates belonging to this category are selected with great care. In sorting stage, we carefully divide the largest Sayer dates and pack them as super select. A one-kilogram package of super select Sayer dates contains Maximum 70 date fruits.

Select: Sayer dates that are a bit smaller than super select dates are categorized as ‘Select’. In Each kilogram of Select Sayer dates, you can find maximum 85 date fruits. Both Super Select and Select category suits end users’ needs. Since these two categories have no imperfection, they are suitable for those who require a product with premium quality.

GAQ: For those clients who prefer to buy Sayer dates with an affordable price, this category is the best option. Each Kilogram of GAQ Sayer dates contains 110 to 115 date fruits. These dates might be smaller in size, however, they have the same unique taste and quality.

FAQ: For industrial applications, FAQ grade of Sayer dates is perfect. The size of these dates is not too large and they have some imperfections in their skin. As a result, we use these grades of dates as an additional to other products, or as a raw material for producing cakes, biscuits, desserts, or vinegars. Each package of FAQ Sayer dates contains over 125 date fruits per kilogram.

These grades are influential on Sayer dates price. Find out more about prices here.

There are two other categorizations that need to be considered when buying Iranian Sayer dates. The first one indicates if the Sayer dates are pitted or un-pitted. Among dates’ consumers, Pitted Sayer Dates are highly popular, because of their better texture and easy snacking. Dates that have no pit are also a better choice for bakers; you can easily chop them up and add them to any recipe.

Dates buyers and traders can also order sliced and chopped Sayer dates. This is another grade of Stamaran dates that is easy to be incorporated in lots of different recipes. Sliced Sayer dates are also a delicious snack. Besides, they have a longer shelf life, because of their lower moisture.


Fruit Count (Un-pitted)

Fruit Count (Pitted)

Super Select




Max.75/kg Max.85/Kg




FAQ No Specific Count

No Specific Count

A review of Sayer Dates’ Grades

The Origin of Sayer Dates

Premium quality Sayer dates are raised in Shadegan, a city with the finest environment for growing dates in Iran. Thanks to rich sources of sweet water, Shadegan has more than 2,000,000 date palm trees that supply more than 50,000 tones dates each year. Major date farms in this region are located in the vicinity of two major rivers that provide a sufficient amount of water for irrigation. Rich soils of Shadegan city are now home to various dates, including Barhi, Ashkar, Barim, and Sayer (Stamaran).

Among various kinds of dates grown in Shadegan’s farms, Sayer dates are the most popular. Nearly 80% of all farms in Shadegan city produce Stamaran dates, which is why the life of traditional farmers is bound to these delicious date fruits.

Why Sayer Dates are Popular?

As semi dry dates, Sayer dates are bestsellers in the market due to their moderate level of moisture. This variety of date is, thus, popular with consumers because it has a longer shelf life. Consumers can easily use Stamaran dates for two years without any loss in moisture. To revive the lost moisture, you can add a little water to an enclosed container and set them in the sun. Your Sayers dates become fresh again.

Stamaran dates are prevalent in numerous industries as well. These dates are natural sweeteners and used as an essential ingredient in biscuits, confectionery, and vinegar industries. Since Sayer dates strongly compete with other significant dates in quality and taste, they can be an affordable alternative to many clients.

Because of their exceptional features, Iranian Sayer dates are also favoured by traders and farmers. Since these dates can be stored for a long time, they give traders and buyers enough time to find customers, allowing them to sell their products at the right time with the best price. Find out more about various kinds of Iranian Dried  dates in our Dried Fruits Mag.

Sayer dates are now a significant source of income for Iranian farmers and traders. In less than four months, the value of Iranian Sayer dates’ exportation exceeds 1.5 million Dollar.

Sayer Dates’ Benefits

Sayer dates enjoy the benefits of all other kinds of dates. These date fruits are very nutritious like their other counterparts. In every 100 grams of Sayer dates, consumers will find 78 grams carbohydrate, 1 gram protein, 50 mg phosphorous, and 60 mg calcium. These date fruits also boast several other essential nutrients, including vitamin A and K. Thus, eating Sayer dates throughout the year play a key role in increasing skin and eyes’ health.

Another health benefit of Stamaran dates is that they are packed with fibre and antioxidants, both of which reduce the risks of serious diseases. Those who eat these delicious dates protect their body from digestive problems because Sayer dates are a great source of fibre. Iranian Sayer dates are also high in antioxidants, which may have several health benefits, including strengthening the body’s immunity and reducing the risks of infections.

Among other Iranian Dates , Sayer dates have the highest content of natural sugar. In fact, Sayer dates are sweeter than most other Iranian dry fruits and nuts. Having 68 grams of sugar in every 100 grams, these dates’ ability to boost the human body’s energy is twofold, compared to other kinds of dates. Sayer dates also contains more carbohydrates (approximately 78 g in 100 g), making them a satisfactory snack.

Nutritional value of Sayer dates per 100 grams

  • Calories: 300
  • Carbohydrates: 78 g
  • Sugars: 68 g
  • Fiber: 12 g
  • Protein: 1 g
  • Calcium: 0.22 or 28-60 mg
  • Iron: 0.2 or 2.6 mg
  • Phosphorus: 0.07 or 50 mg
  • Sodium: 0.01 or 16 mg

Sayer Sates’ Price

Sayer dates’ main advantage over other kinds of date fruits is their exceptional price. Since these high-quality date fruits are resistant to changes in temperature, they can endure adverse conditions. As a result, Sayer dates force fewer costs to traders and retailers and have a lower price than other varieties of dates.

However, not all Sayer dates supplied by Iranian companies have the same quality. For Sayer dates to have all nutritional benefits, numerous factors need to be considered. The first one is the harvesting time. Sayer dates’ quality is highly affected by the harvesting time. If we pick these dates before they are fully ripened, the final product will not have the expected quality. Thanks to a team of experts at Noshid Company, we can always ensure that our Stamaran (Sayer) dates meet the highest market’s standards.

Another factor that affects the quality of Sayer dates is their grade. As we mentioned before, we divide the highest quality of our Sayer dates from others and pack them as Super Select and Select Sayer dates. These premium quality dates have higher demands and cost more.

Other factors that impact the price of Noshid dates are packaging quality, currency rates in Iran, and private labeling.

Our clients can also buy Noshid dates at wholesale price. Sayer dates wholesale price is approximately 20% lower than the retail price. Noshid supplier is an exclusive supplier of Iranian Sayer dates that meet all the demands of dates’ customers regarding quality and price. By having sorting and storing facilities in Shadegan City, we make sure to serve the market with our unique year-round offerings.

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