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Due to Kimia/khajoor dates’ distinctive taste and chocolate-like appearance, they have a great place in the dates’ market across the world. This delicious caramelly fruit has massive popularity in the market because it is a natural source of sugar.

In the Middle-East, Iran has a reputation for harvesting and exporting tonnes of Kimia dates every year. The most famous origin of Kimia/khajoor dates in Iran is Bam city. Called “Bam Mazafati Dates” in the domestic market, this type of semi-dried date enjoys the sweet water and temperate climate of Bam city.

Iranian Kimia dates have exceptional quality compared to other types of dates. However, what puts this date in high demand, is its exceptional price. Numerous factors affect the price of original Kimia dates, including harvesting time, appropriate packing, and storage condition. Continue reading to find out more about this delicious date’s price.

What is Kimia/Khajoor Dates?

As one of the most popular varieties of dates, Kimia/Khajoor is characterized by its dark brown skin and cylindrical shape. Known also as Mazafati date in Iran’s domestic market, this date has soft skin and belongs to Semi-Dried Dates.

Kimia dates supplied by Noshid, are organic super-foods. Each date fruit contains 60 to 70 percent natural sugar and is packed with potassium, iron, and other valuable minerals. With their controlled amount of sugar and high amount of nutrients, Kimia/Khajoor dates are the healthiest type of dates for consumers.

Among other benefits of original Kimia dates are their increasing application in culinary industries. Thanks to their semi-dried flesh, Kimia/khajoor dates can also be poured without any difficulty. This allows Kimia (Bam Mazafati) dates to be mixed easily with various kinds of nuts and form the most delicious sugar free sweets such as brownies, energy bars, and smoothies. We can also use Kimia dates as natural sweeteners for other kinds of food.

The original Kimia dates come from Bam city located in Kerman, Iran. The city is renowned as a center for growing and harvesting premium quality Mazafati dates because of its rich soils and perfect climate condition. Bam Mazafati dates have a long history, being cultivated in the region for thousands of years. Although Kimia dates’ price supplied from Bam city is higher than other types of dates, the quality is superior.

How to Select Kimia Dates?

When choosing among different kinds of Kimia/Khajoor dates supplied by various companies, pay attention to the below factors:

  • The origin of Kimia/Khajoor dates:

As we mentioned before, the Kimia dates supplied from Bam city in Iran are of superior quality. Although various cities in Iran grow high quality dates, Bam Mazafati dates are massively popular and win the competition against other major suppliers of Mazafati dates across the world. Therefore, pay attention to the origin of your purchased Kimia/Khajoor dates.

  • The appearance of original Kimia dates:

When buying Iranian Kimia date, be careful to pick the ones that are smooth and glossy. This is one of the main signs of high quality dates that have been carefully kept away from dust and impurities.

  • The price of Kimia dates:

Another central challenge for Iranian Kimia dates’ buyers is identifying the real and appropriate price of a product. Make sure not to compromise the quality of dates because of an affordable price.

  • The appropriate packing for Kimia dates:

Bam Mazafati dates are highly sensitive to contaminations, therefore, it is essential to keep them away from foreign materials. This makes proper packaging necessary for original Mazafati dates.

Factors that affect Kimia Dates’ Price

Kimia dates’ are the best option for those who prefer semi-dried dates. Due to their superior quality and exceptional price, these dates are also a perfect choice for traders and retailers. Various factors influence the price of Kimia dates, including quality, appropriate packing, harvesting time, storage condition, and Iranian currency rate.

The original Kimia/Khajoor date is smooth, and glossy, without any dust or impurities. Due to the difficulty of protecting dates’ skin from any injuries, companies that supply freshly looking Mazafati dates offer a higher price.

Kimia dates’ price is also dependent on the harvesting time. Due to the higher demands for freshly-picked dates in the market, Mazafati dates (Kimia) are more expensive in December and October, when they are fresh, fully ripe, and solid dark. The level of moisture present in Kimia dates is also influential on the price. Bam Mazafati dates contain between 20 to 35% moisture, one of the highest in the world.

Suitable packing is another factor that determines Kimia dates’ price. It is extremely important for suppliers of original Kimia dates to pack date fruits with uniform color and size, and this takes a longer time. Noshid dates, for instance, are proficiently sorted and elaborately packed. By providing proper packaging, we can retain the natural flavors, and essential nutrients of Bam Mazafati dates.

The Wholesale Price of Kimia Dates

The difference between Kimia dates’ wholesale price and the retail price is significant. As a result, we recommend all our customers to buy original Kimia dates in larger volumes and reduce their costs. When Noshid dates are supplied in larger quantities, their price is approximately 20% lower than the retail price. This helps our buyers reduce their costs substantially.

An essential factor to consider when buying Iranian Kimia dates is the quality. Some wholesalers offer only a specific type of Kimia dates with wholesale price. Unlike these traders, Noshid provides its clients with two grades of Mazafati/Kimia dates at wholesale price. Additionally, we guarantee to meet our wholesale buyers’ specifications for size, packing, and labeling.

Noshid Supplier of Kimia Dates with the Best Price

Noshid has been supplying the finest Iranian Kimia dates for many years. We guarantee premium quality dates with the best available price.

As an exclusive Bam Mazafati dates supplier in Iran, Noshid has sorting and storing facilities in Bam city. This allows Noshid to provide clients with fresh, delicious dates throughout the year. Besides, we offer unique packaging choices for our products, making sure that Noshid dates are delivered to our clients as fresh as the harvest day.

Noshid is also recognized for supplying Bam Mazafati dates with the most affordable price in the region. Without reducing the quality of Kimia/Khajoor dates, we make sure to supply our products with the best price available in the region. Unlike most Iranian date suppliers, we have our own storage facilities in Bam city, which enables us to offer premium quality Kimia dates at the best price.

Other Types of Semi-dried Dates

The share of semi-dried dates in the Market is growing fast. Since semi-dried dates are

Compared to fresh dates, semi-dried dates have a longer shelf-life. This makes semi-dried dates an optimal choice for traders across the world. Semi-dried dates also contain a higher amount of calories than fresh dates. With each semi-dried Mazafati date, for instance, you will be consuming 284 calories, while the same amount of fresh Mazafati dates has 142 calories. Semi-dried dates are also high in carbohydrates, which makes them the perfect energy booster.

Iranian Mazafati dates are one of the highly sought after types of semi-dried dates. Other dates in the semi-dried category are Medjool Dates,  Sayer DatesRabbi Dates, and Kabkab Dates.

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