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Date syrup is one of the delicious and nutritious date products that has many fans all over the world. This product is made from date flesh and has an extraordinary nutritional value. In this article, we want to introduce this delicious product and its properties.

This product is one of the delicious and sweet date products that can be prepared from different dates. Its natural color should be clear if it is obtained in a healthy way. This product is rich in nutrients, so that if date syrup is consumed at breakfast, it will provide the body metabolism in full daily activities.

If we want to deal with the properties of date syrup, we must look at it as a very specialized topic, therefore we mention a few properties of this product. This sweet product has natural sugars such as glucose, sucrose and fructose, which makes it an ideal food for snacks and breakfast.

Date syrup is rich in protein, minerals and a variety of vitamins, with which there is no need to take multivitamins. Date syrup is useful for diarrhea, anemia, weakness, gastrointestinal health and bone strength.

Date syrup has many calories that can be used daily for weight gain. There are several methods that can be used to make date syrup.

Variety Date Syrup
Texture Thick and viscous
Color Dark brown to amber
Taste Sweet, rich, and caramel-like
Shelf Life Varies, typically 1-2 years
Nutritional Benefits Good source of natural sugars, Fiber, Potassium, and Antioxidants
Common Uses Sweeteners for various foods and beverages, topping for desserts, pancakes, waffles, etc.
Packaging Options Bottles, jars, or squeeze bottles
Storage Store in cool, dry place away from direct sunlight
Certifications Organic, Vegan, Gluten-Free (depending on the brand)
Allergen Information May contain pits (depending on the brand)

How to prepare date Syrup?

Date syrup is prepared in both traditional and industrial methods. In the industrial method, its production operations are performed without manual intervention and fully mechanized. In this method, with the help of water and heat, some parts of dates that soluble in water can be obtained as a solution in water.

Date syrup is also obtained in different ways in traditional methods, one of which is boiling dates with water. Boil the dates until the date syrup is dissolved in water and then the syrup is obtained by refining and passing the solution through a strainer.

Other methods can be used to prepare date syrup in the traditional way, all of which are common in done work and differ only in the tools and location of the process, such as storing dates in a place when the dates are stacked on top of each other, squeeze together and their syrup can be extracted from date pulp. Usually in traditional methods, hygienic principles are not observed and the obtained product has a darker color, less concentration and a different taste than the industrial product.

Different uses of date Syrup

Date syrup is used instead of sugar in the confectionery industry due to its high sugar. It is also used to cook halva instead of sugar in some Iranian cities. Also date syrup is tasted with milk in Iran, which has a very sweet and delicious taste.

Except preparing date syrup industrially, one of the things that increase the quality of the product is the organic cultivation of dates that are to be harvested.

Organic date Syrup

In Noshid group, the date that is used as the raw material of date syrup is usually organic date, which is completely organic due to the importance of our group to the health of the consumer.

At first, there may not be much difference in the appearance of organic dates and non-organic dates, but by performing the necessary tests on the product, we find a significant percentage of toxins that may not have an effect on consumer health in the short time, but certainly in the long time.

Also, products made from organically processed dates have extraordinary nutritional value. There is another point about organic products that are anti-allergic.

As before mentioned, by receiving all the necessary health licenses, Noshid group has reassured all consumers about the health of their products.

Packaging of date Syrup

Date syrup is usually delivered to the consumer in glass or can packages, and depending on the taste and design of the designer, the product container has what weights to be marketed, but in case of bulk purchase, it is done in 20-liter, 50-liter and 180-liter barrels.

Noushid group is proud to announce that in addition to the fact that you can provide this product in pre-prepared containers, it is also possible to order this product in your selected and selected containers.

Product packaging in addition to the quality of date syrup is one of the factors affecting its price.

The price of date Syrup

The price of date syrup depends on the brix of the product and the color of the product, but it can be estimated between $ 300 and $ 400 per ton by estimating global markets for products with brix 73 ٪.

Other factors that can affect the price of date syrup include the supply and demand of the market, and fluctuations in currency prices can affect the pricing of the product.

Import of date Syrup

To import, you must first go to the customs of the country of import or check the list of required documents from your clearance and ask the supplier to provide you this list of documents, but generally for direct import from Iran, you need this list of documents.

Certificate of Origin
Phytosanitary Certificate
Commercial Invoice
Packing List

and these documents have nothing to do with the amount and volume of your order, it means that in all orders Low or high volume, these documents is required

Thank you very much for your spending time and hope we have been able to answer your questions in the article. If your questions are not resolved, we will be very happy to share them with you in the comments, and our colleagues will answer you as soon as possible.

To get more information about the product or register an order, you can contact our partners in the sales department by filling out the private labeling form or via email and WhatsApp.

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