Why Pistachios Can Boost Your Health?

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Pistachios are one of the most beneficial nuts for our healthy life. Although different types of pistachios are brought to the markets, all of them are nutrients and increase our life expectancy. Following that, we describe their significant role in physical and mental health.

What are pistachios nutrient components?

Pistachios consist of Jumbo pistachio, Long pistachio, Round pistachio, Super long pistachio, and Semi long pistachio. They contain a wide variety of substances in each ounce, Including:

  • 159 Calories
  • 8 grams carbohydrate
  • 3 grams fiber
  • 6 grams protein
  • 13 grams fat
  • 6% of RDI Potassium
  • 11% of RDI Phosphorus
  • 28% of RDI Vitamin B6
  • 21% of RDI Thiamine
  • 41% of RDI Copper
  • 15% of RDI Manganese

The above substances affect different organs’ functionality. So, adding the pistachio kernels to your healthy diet improves different aspects of life. It is controversial that how pistachios are valuable for individuals’ health?

Rich protein source

Row and roasted pistachios contain specific amounts of protein. These seeds stood at the second level of protein after almond. Eating pistachios causes you to prepare your necessary protein, while they have the lowest Calorie. It is the main reason why pistachio is named the weight-loss-friendly nut.

How to eat pistachio?

If you want to provide enough protein for your body, you can use pistachio every afternoon with your snack. However, it is better to follow your nutritionist’s Instructions step by step. The higher ratio of important amino acids in pistachios turns to the blocks of protein. Therefore, pistachios substances can supply the vast majority of protein you need as well as improving your digestive system performance. While they perform their role as a calorie-controller food, regardless of being shelled or in shelled pistachios, salty and unsalted pistachio, or roasted pistachio.

Beneficial fatty acids

One of the important reasons that made pistachios popular among people is their role in lowering cholesterol. They have useful amino acids by which you can lose weight without bothering to challenges.

What are the benefits of Fats?

Pistachios contain 13 grams of fats. Eating these nuts suggests you 17% of the necessary fat. Moreover, they could be advantageous in decreasing LDL as the bad cholesterol. Since they are not fully absorbed and lower the rate of HDL as the good cholesterol in the blood vessels.

Improve heart health

Patients who suffer from cardiovascular disease are advised to eat pistachio regularly. As we mentioned, pistachios decrease the amount of cholesterol. Nutritionists add the pistachio kernels to the ketogenic diet and propose people with heart disease have them every day. They argue that pistachios protect people heart health

Control blood pressure

Since pistachios lower cholesterol and are not fully absorbed, they would be vital to control your blood pressure. This reason decreases the risk of a heart attack on individuals who use an unhealthy diet. What is more, elderly people who are at risk of heart disease or blood pressure can increase their life expectancy by eating fresh pistachios.

Overconsumption of pistachios and blood pressure

Eating specific numbers of pistachios would be beneficial in controlling blood pressure. While overeating pistachios crucially the roasted pistachio raises the quantity of sodium in your body. So this habit irregulates your blood pressure. Overconsumption of pistachio has a detrimental effect on the rate of cardiovascular diseases.

Digestive system promotion

Pistachios are fiber-rich nuts and increase the number of helpful bacteria in your gut. These bacteria are influential in digestion functionality. Additionally, a considerable part of fibers will be changed to the short-chain amino fatty acids that make the digestion process easier in your gut.

Pistachio overeating and stomach issues

It is acceptable that eating pistachios promote stomach and gut performances. Nonetheless, overeating kernels results in detrimental side effects, such as:

Gaining weight: a single cup of pistachio has almost 700 calories. Thus, eating excessive pistachios may cause obesity and other related issues

Stomach functionality impairment: excessive fibers cause irritable bowel syndrome, stomach cramps, malabsorption, and abdomen conditions

Risk of salmonella infectious: overeating pistachio increases the number of harmful bacteria which is called Salmonella. So you are faced with high temperature, diarrhea, weaker immune system, and gastrointestinal problems

Digestion issues: despite eating pistachio kernels supported your digestive system, overeating them can cause bloated and gut problems.

According to the above disadvantages of pistachio overeating, it is suggested to follow your nutritionist’s instructions carefully.

Pistachios Contain Beneficial Antioxidants

Pistachios have a wide variety of antioxidants. All of them are vital in the neutralization of free radicals and decomposition of peroxides. Their indispensable activities strengthen your immune system and decline the risk of fatal diseases such as cancer and persistent pain of the bones.

Improve eye health

Lutein and Zeaxanthin two essential antioxidants that made pistachio an eye-friendliest nut. Pistachio kernels provide a pack of vitamin E and appropriate antioxidants to improve eye health.

Decrease the risk of cancer and heart disease

Polyphenols and Tocopherols are the other important pistachios that play an important role in reducing the risk of cancer and heart disease. While they can be effective in curing patients with cardiovascular problems and cancer.

Lower cholesterol

Eating pistachios have a strong correlation with a decrease in LDL and a growth in HDL. On the other hand, studies could not prove that overeating pistachio affects increasing the quantity of blood lipid. While different antioxidants of pistachios have long-lasting effects on decreasing cholesterol and improving blood pressure. Thus they can support your heart health.

Essential for Diabetics

Carotenoids and Phenolic compounds have an antioxidative impact on your body. Eating pistachio supplies these antioxidants. As a result, they play a crucial role in controlling blood sugar and diabetics can use a specific number of kernels, regardless of being shelled or in shelled pistachio.

Pistachio decrease the risk of lung cancer

Different antioxidants and vitamin E are two crucial components that protect lung health. Pistachio can decline the risk of cancer disease.

Support liver health

Decreasing cholesterol is an essential role of pistachios that makes them useful nuts for people who suffer from liver diseases. Studies proved that pistachio consumption plays a protective role in treating diseases such as hepatic steatosis, fat liver accumulation, and hepatic functions.

How does pistachio treat fatty liver?

Fatty liver is a prevalent disease and a healthy diet would be useful in the treatment procedure. Accumulation of harmful lipids in livers is the final reason for occurring fatty liver. The pistachio roles of lowering cholesterol and supporting the digestive system would be useful in decreasing the accumulative process in livers. Thus, kernels treat fatty liver conditions. Moreover, this habit helps patients to treat gallstones condition.

Pistachio and kidney health

The kidney is a vital organ in our body and it is crucially important to use a healthy balanced diet. Persons who have their kidneys shrunk because of the diseases can eat pistachios to enhance their kidney performance. Studies represent that pistachio nuts are rich in potassium and Sodium. So, people with kidney failure should intake limited numbers of pistachio.

Overeating pistachios and kidney issues

Overconsumption has unfavorable impacts on kidney health, especially for persons with kidney stones. Because eating extra pistachios per day upsets the potassium balance in your body. As a result, stone crystals will be created and increase the risk of kidney stone conditions.

Pistachios are a Manganese source

Pistachios provide 15 % manganese of our body. Manganese is necessary for a healthy brain. Men should add and central nervous system. This mineral strengthens the nervous system and offers brain protection. Furthermore, Manganese improves carbohydrate metabolism and blood sugar regulation.

Pistachios decline the risk of Anemia

Pistachios are high in iron. This amount is 4 times more than iron in almonds. Eating pistachio provides a ration of necessary iron and copper. These minerals cooperate to decrease the risk of Anemia. It is the reason that physicians suggest women eat pistachios during their menstruation. Copper would be useful for the improvement of the immune system, blood vessels, and bones.

Pistachios are a source of the mineral phosphorus

Phosphorus is an indispensable component that optimizes our physiological functions. This mineral improves your physiological reaction, because of creating new structural components in your body cells. As a result, your bones will be strengthened and the rate of osteoporosis and arthritis will be reduced considerably.

Decrease the symptoms of phosphorus deficiency

It is undeniable that phosphorus collaborates with other components such as carbohydrates and fats to strengthen our bones and skeleton. Phosphorus deficiency results in mental and physical health, including:

  • Loss of appetite
  • Anxiety
  • Bone pain
  • Fragile bones
  • Stiff joints
  • Fatigue
  • Irregular breathing
  • Irritability
  • Numbness
  • Weakness and weight change.

Children who suffer from phosphorus deficiency have toothache and tooth development issues.

Pistachios contain vitamin B6

It is vividly apparent that vitamin B6 has myriad health benefits. Heart health and blood pressure regulation could be referred to as the important advantages of vitamin B6. This vitamin plays a significant role in the brain-healthy function and enhancing cognitive behaviors. So your brain and critical thinking can be enriched due to eating enough numbers of pistachios. What is more, vitamin B6 collaborates with antioxidants to climb down the rate of cancer patients?

Pistachios help you to sleep

Pistachio kernels are rich in protein, vitamin B6, and magnesium. All of these components are helpful in releasing melatonin that is responsible for regulating your sleep-wake cycle.

Moreover, Pistachios contain phenolic. This substance can decrease the breakdown of tryptophan into toxic compounds. After that, it is converted to melatonin which regulates your sleep duration and quality. It is better to know that roasted pistachios have no impact on melatonin function.

Pistachios improve skin and hair health

Pistachios are consumed in different ways such as the in shelled pistachio, pistachio oil, or roasted pistachio. All of the types of pistachios like jumbo pistachio, long pistachio, and round pistachio would be beneficial for improving the quality of your skin, growth, and strengthening your hair.

Antioxidants take care of your health

Phenolic and catechins are two main antioxidants that can be prepared by eating pistachios. All of them would be beneficial to protect your skin against UV rays. These antioxidants act as a sunscreen for your skin. Antioxidants of pistachios reduce oxidative stress in the skin cells. So, you will experience youthful and refreshing skin.

Delay in premature aging

Eating pistachios regularly protects you from sagging skin, hyperpigmentation, age spots, loss of elasticity, fine lines, and wrinkles. It is apparent that your skin will be bright and youthful.

Vitamin E supports your skin

Vitamin E is another component of pistachios. This fat-soluble antioxidant emphasizes reducing oxidative stress in the skin cells. On the other hand, vitamin E decreases inflammation and oil production prevents oil buildup. While it frees up the pores. So, your skin acne will reduce conspicuously.

Vitamin E and fresh-faced skin

It is undeniable that vitamin E increases skin’s elasticity by which blocks fine lines and wrinkles are protected from forming in adulthood. Pistachio oil is used in skincare products because of its emollient. This component is useful for people with dry skin.

Nourish and moisturize hair

Pistachio is well-known because of its importance in nourishing and moisturizing hair cells. Since it is a good source of biotin and makes your hair stronger and longer. On the other side biotin deficiency results in hair loss. Pistachios can be used as a hair mask. So your hair will be more flexible. While consuming pistachios protect your hair from issues such as split ends, dry hair, and damaged hair.

Last but not least, regular consumption of pistachio stimulate your hair growth due to the presence of some fatty acids such as omega-3 acids, omega-6 acids, and Alpha-Linolenic Acid (ALA)


We described a vast majority of health benefits of pistachios in this article of Noshid Company. Since pistachios are the nutrient nuts that impact your mental and physical and mental health.

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