The Best Dry Fruits and Nuts

dry fruits

Whether it’s a healthy diet and body you’re committing to pursue or the stride towards less embarrassing scale numbers in front of your new significant other, munching on the best dry fruits and nuts are up there with exercising and going to the gym on a tight schedule.

But Are Dry Fruits Good For You?

From a health-beneficiary point of view, it’s safe to say “yes” because they are exploding with nutrition values, natural minerals, and energetic health-boosting properties. They are also incredibly easy to come by since some people make them in their homes. However, some don’t favor these loaded snacks.

Dry fruit is an ordinary fruit where all its water is sucked out of it through sun-drying or thrown into a dehydrator machine.

Some indecisive studies indicate that dry fruits are advantageous in losing weight and controlling hunger. However, sometimes studies can be wrong, and the readings can throw us off track.

Best Dry Fruits To Eat? Here You GO

  • Iranian Dates

Dates , on their own, don’t contain much water. However, what they lack in water reserves, they make up in natural sugar stacks.

Dates are like mini energy bombs harvested off of cracked-soil palm trees of middle-eastern/African lands — the good ones at least.

These enriched night-dark peeled fruits usually contain some water levels, but even dehydrated versions of Dates can be found in some of the best dry-fruit baskets and packs around the globe since it’s easy to remove the water.

Dates, especially Noshid (Persian) dates, contain a lot of sugar, and it’s not suggested to eat too many of them in a single sitting, even if dehydrated. While they offer a plethora of medical bonuses to the human body, consuming vast chunks of sugar-rich dates in a short time may prove to be more than the human body can handle.

So, it’s not reasonable to go crazy on these natural energy bars. It’s best to opt for a couple of them every time and balance out the sugar rush with other healthy nuts.

At Noshid, various dates are produced and shipped out according to international standards, and if requested, they can even be shipped under a white label.

Suppose you want to know more about “Noshid Dates ” wholesale price or want to dig around more on the various Iranian Dates the company farms and exports. In that case, you can navigate onto Mazafati Dates , Sayer Dates, Piarom Dates, Shahani Dates, Zahdi Dates, and Lulu Dates pages and get more acquainted with the massively popular superfoods while placing an order.

Iranian dry dates
  • Raisins

Raisins have been an item of the great statue and luxurious stand amongst the Greeks and Romans, way after they’ve been discovered and grown in the middle-eastern cultures and empires. And, if there’s one thing we’ve been fixating on ever since our blog started, is that this part of the world pumps out the best dry fruit and nuts; and that any organic superfood and trimmed dry fruit that the soil bears, bears a butt-load of fiber, minerals, vitamins, and of course natural sugar.

Improves Heart Condition

Raisins have the features to help reduce heart diseases by lowering blood pressure and blood sugar. Super-dense fiber bombs can lower blood cholesterol as well.

Raisins also help prevent strokes since they’re loaded with potassium. The amount of potassium in raisins isn’t that high and just enough for the human body.

Gastrointestinal Health

Raisins have enough fiber to be called a valuable soluble fiber source which helps our digestion system.

Raisins also aid against inflammation issues since they have impressive anti-inflammation properties.

Unplanned Weight Gain

Raisins are loaded with sugar stacks that, if not consumed moderately, can lead to unwanted weight gain. So, the consumer must cut down the number of raisins per serving to a reasonable figure.

Some Digestion Issues

Although fiber resolves some severe digestive issues in the human body, too much of it isn’t always doctor-prescribed. More significant amounts of fiber entering the digestive system can cause some problems like bloating, painful cramps, and even excessive gas release.

  • Prunes

Prunes are plums only on a smaller scale and with less water, a result of dehydration. They are easier to carry and still have a delicious sweetness, while their chewy texture makes eating them more enjoyable.

Prunes can be stored in a sealed fridge for up to a year without losing their beneficial properties. But what are these medical points?

Gastrointestinal Health

Same as raisins, prunes preserve detectable insoluble and soluble fiber levels, both pretty helpful for the human body. While soluble fiber helps digestion and nutrition-absorb in the stomach, the insoluble fiber regulates bowel movement.

Anti Bone Loss

Eating prunes releases tons of antioxidants and anti-inflammatory properties into the body, which in the long term helps in maintaining bone density and prevents bone loss.

Diarrhea & Gastrointestinal Disorder

Excessive fiber intake can cause diarrhea and bowel disorders, making it counteract consuming a reasonable amount of fiber. Too many prunes mean a more destructive laxative effect on the body, which by no means should you take lightly.

Also, the polyalcohol sugar doesn’t sit well with many prune-lovers, causing gas, nausea, bloating, pain-inducing cramps, and even in severe cases, vomiting.

What Are Some of The Best And The Worst Nuts To Eat?

The nuts-about-nuts foodies will tell you to definitely try them out because it might seem like there’s nothing wrong with the tiny energy-concentrated drops of heaven. However, that’s not always the case, and we’re going to see why.

  • Pistachios

Since the early days that mankind’s domestication talent exposed itself, pistachio trees were among the first wild flora in certain regions to bow down to the local residents’ touch.

In Iran, as a prime example, the art of planting, growing, and finally shacking down pistachio fruits off the trees run as historic as the first Persian empires in middle-east, turning them into one of the best nuts for everyday use.

The heritage still floats in Noshid‘s strategy to mass-produce and introduce the most delicate high-quality Persian pistachio to the global market, whether in-shell or open-kernel style.

So we definitely suggest moderately trying out Iran-made pistachios since they’re organic, nutritious, naturally grown, and harvesting them deals no damage whatsoever to the environment and surrounding lands — but don’t go too far.

Here are some types of Persian pistachios you can order from a Noshid supplier, and you can check the website for more on ordering and Noshid Pistachio wholesale prices:

On the other hand, however, we find a wide range of innocent on the outside but not-so-angelic on the inside nuts that you should really avoid eating. Whether it’s the harvesting method or the nut’s properties, they directly or indirectly harm somebody.

These nuts may not pose a severe threat to your health, but getting them into neatly-packed bags and to the customers comes at a hefty price: from a person’s standpoint, consuming these nuts can impose heavily on our souls as well as our bodies, casting them immoral to eat.

Cashews are excellent examples of how tedious and back-breaking plucking a nut fruit can get, not to mention the dangers workers have to battle with to even open the damn thing. Cashew fruits are protected by a hardened layer-over-layer toxic exterior which requires extreme craftsmanship to harvest, which pickers attain through sweat and blood, literally. The cost of a single small bag of cashews is a permanent life-disabling threat for an Indian or a Vietnamese farmer. It’s also worth mentioning that many workers are associated with drugs and local warlords, buying the title “blood cashews” for the protein-filled nuts.

Macadamia nuts have some negative after-effects as well. Historically remembered as the expensive throwable treat in the night before “Ross & Rachel’s” drunken wedding, you shouldn’t chew down on the macadamia nuts unless you’re clearly out of sorts. Even in the convenience store with a reasonable price tag on the box, macadamia nuts pack a huge kick as a one-cup amount of this calorie-jammed superfood unleashes around 1000 calories into your body. And, it’s not too hard to lose control over these bad boys and take in a whole week’s worth of calories in a matter of just a few minutes.


Which dry fruit has less sugar?

We all love fruits; their freshness, natural sugar, taste, and health benefits rush through our bodies as we bite them down. They have always been an inseparable part of our daily intake and would’ve stayed on top of our shopping list if it wasn’t for high-calorie man-made synthetic snacks.

Fruits make us happy, strong, and safe, but it’s sometimes too much of a pain and, of course, too much of a mess to carry them around, making us wish for a better solution.

And that’s when our ancestors came up with the idea of food dehydration! They squeezed the natural blessings into tiny pocket-sized snacks that don’t take up a whole lot of space, don’t burst into syrupy mush in our backpacks, and definitely don’t need any tools to remove peel or pit. This was a survival-level act and born out of necessity. Dried small fruit bits that still hold the original fruit’s nutrition and health values were god-sent for storage, sea voyage, season storing, and trade purposes.

Dried fruits go anywhere that we can go; from the mountain peaks to the scorching-hot baron-land safari trips, they endure everything while keeping their nutritious value. All possible by water contents being forcefully vaporized from within in the dehydration process, resulting in finger-sized sugar-filled snacks.

Despite all their benefits, some issues have been raised regarding their concentrated levels of sugar. When fruits are dehydrated, they lose the perfect balance between water and sugar levels since there’s no more water to work with. However, this isn’t the case for all dried fruits, as some of the dehydrated mini-snacks don’t possess such alarming rates of sugar and can be eaten regularly.

After dehydration, fruits are less troublesome to digest and still hold on to the rich fiber and nutrition sources we all crave. Other minerals such as sodium, potassium, magnesium, and phosphorus are also conserved in the crunchy health bars, which adds to the importance of having them in everyday go-to snacks or dietary supplements.

Dried Apricots

While high on antioxidant properties, dried apricots don’t show high concentrations of sugar, which in turn makes them an excellent choice for those who love dried fruits. They also have tons of valuable vitamins like C and A, which aids the human body.

Dried Prunes

Again we stumble upon prunes as one of the best-dried fruits out there. Having two-piece of dried prunes per serving helps with digestion and bowel regularization. They also contain a lot of protein and potassium and are suitable for bone density.


It seems raisins and prunes go toe-to-toe in any dry fruit-related piece, and it’s for a good reason. Raisins, same as prunes, contain an impressive amount of fiber. They are suitable for lifting up the spirit, protecting the heart and the bones as well.

Dried Mulberries has described this perfectly:
Dried mulberries are not the typical type for dried fruits that look like raisins but unlike raisins and other dried fruits, they are lower in sugar. It is worth eating though because just one-quarter of a cup will give you 130% of the daily dose of vitamin C. They are a good source of magnesium, B vitamins, iron, and potassium. Dried mulberries have a combination of vanilla, figs, raisins and wine flavor. Enjoy eating it in place of raisins and always have the organic version as the best option.”

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